Connecting the dots: How BuJo can be your organisational superpower

If you’re a fan of planners and organising, you’ve probably heard of the bullet journaling trend. It’s a minimalistic style of planning that’s designed to help you start connecting the dots and organising your life.

Commonly known as ‘BuJo’, bullet journaling was originally developed by Ryder Carroll as a scheduling system. It’s a planner meets diary meets to-do list hybrid. This organising styling is so popular that there are over 2.2 million posts on the #bulletjournaling on Instagram.

When you master the art of bullet journaling, it’ll become your organisational superpower. What we love about bullet journaling is that it works for everyone – whether you’re a student, stay at home parent, entrepreneur, or working a 9 to 5.

At Billy, our notebooks are fully customisable, making them perfect for your next bullet journal. Our A5 notebooks are the perfect size for using as a daily bullet journal to throw into your work bag and take on the go.

An open bullet journal notebook. It is ring bound with dotted paper and has been used to create a week plan.

What is bullet journaling?

A bullet journal is an all-in-one organisational system. It’s a step up for your daily agenda and gives you space to write – and draw – anything that comes to mind. Bullet journaling is a fully customisable system, but most share a few similar features. You’ll usually add a weekly or monthly calendar with a daily to-do section. Most fans of bullet journaling use the system as a way to track their goals and other aspects of life, such as sleeping patterns, fitness, or mental health.

How to start bullet journaling

Unlike other forms of organising, bullet journaling doesn’t have a one size fits all template. It’s fully customisable, and you can design a template that works for you and your daily goals.

Pinterest and Instagram are full of inspiration for how you can lay out and design your bullet journal. It can be as intricate or simple as you like. The best bullet journaling system is the one that works for you. Setting up your bullet journal may take a little bit of time – but it’s a fun creative process that can help you organise different aspects of your life.

While you can colour code and add fun stickers to your bullet journaling, all you need is a notebook and a pen to get started. We recommend starting by turning to social media for inspiration. It’s easiest to write out a list of the pages you want to incorporate in your bullet journal.

If you feel like you don’t drink enough water in the day, you could add a water tracking page to hit your daily intake. If you’re a business owner, consider adding a page dedicated to brainstorming ideas. You can add anything to your bullet journal – from meal plans to movie lists and fitness trackers. Adding an index to the front of your bullet journal can help you connect the dots and see how everything links

Connect the dots with bullet journaling

Bullet journaling allows you to start connecting the dots of life. Tracking your sleeping pattern might help you lower your stress levels. Using a monthly overview could help you stay on top of assignments. Your daily to-do list can make it easier to keep on top of everyday tasks. The benefit of using a bullet journal is that it puts all your organising into one space.

Wave goodbye to dozens of to do lists and trackers that you can’t stay on top of. A bullet journal gives you one space to organise everything in life. It’s time to discover your new superpower.

Start your bullet journaling habit today by customising your own Billy notebook. Our notebooks are designed and printed in the UK, and allow you to customise every aspect of your new bullet journal.

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